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Top news: Here we believe you are waiting for christmas well wants better than to meet Panda Santa, he is fun and you can ask him anything!!


Panda gas attack

PANDAIO: I reported recently that Quan Quan at Jinan Zoo died suddenly, Specialists from the Wolong Panda Centre were quick to fly to Jinan and examine Quan Quan’s body.

They have determined that she died from gas poisoning and the police have conducting an investigation.

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Giant Pandas are arriving at Edinburgh Zoo!!

Edinburgh Zoo’s Giant Pandas are arriving on December 4th 2011, according to the The zoo has not confirmed this, but it fits in with what we have been eagerly anticipating for the last 6 months.

The plan to obtain Tian Tian and Yang Guan started in 2008, when Edinburgh Zoo officials visited China to begin talks. Soon afterwards, the terrible earthquake of May 12th 2008 struck, putting plans on hold as the Wolong Panda Centre was all but destroyed and attention was turned to moving the pandas to Bifengxia and other centres around China.

This is Souskey

Souskey is a Giant Panda mother, she needs to care for her young before it’s to late. Without your help she and her two cubs may die, her forest has been chopped down so she has to clime up steep mountains for shelter. So do you want pandas to die out?

Adopted a Panda like Souskey today.

┬áhere are Souakey’s cubs, keep them safe this Winter.

Pandas are almost extinct

It’s shocking to think that there are only about 1600 giant pandas remaining in the wild.

Today they can only be found in the forest areas high in the mountains of south-western China. But the terrible catastrophe of last year’s earthquake, which tragically devastated countless human lives, has also worsened the plight of the panda.

Massive landslides, triggered by the earthquake, destroyed great swathes of forest – which had already been fragmented by agriculture, industry, roads and other forms of encroachment. That means that the pandas have even more trouble finding enough of their staple diet – bamboo.

But it’s not just that. If pandas are unable to roam freely through the forest to find mating partners – and females are only in season for two or three days each spring – the chances of breeding are even more limited.


What problems do pandas face?

  • People turn the woods they live in to farmland
  • Bamboo is all they eat, and people are cutting it away leaving them little food
  • Because they have lost their natural land, spaces they can live have become fragmented
  • People kill them to sell their body parts on the black market
  • Human industral work like mining and the building of roads cut into their habitats

So should you help the Panda?

Santa Panda’s club

Panda Santa wants to know what you want for christmas?

Or do you want to help him by adopting a Panda today?

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